Teaching Experimentation in Science and Technology

The Project Teaching Experimentation in Science and Technology (TEST) integrates different knowledge and skills, which are functional to the achievement of innovative teacher training programs and which are implemented through unconventional and creative methods, involving academics, professors from academic institutions, expert teachers from all types of schools and educational advisors.

Overall aim:

  • the development of science education research and enhancement of inquiry methodology implementation with particular attention to the planning and application of new technologies.


  • provide new teaching skills to teachers in order to achieve an improvement in Science education quality and to offer training courses and didactic proposals best suited to the new social needs and closer to pupils' interests
  • create didactic research working groups (scientists, teachers, experts) to promote the development, testing, implementation and dissemination of innovative methods in Science education and to strengthen the cooperation among different prestigious European institutions
  • improve Science teaching, orientation and learning through a European collaboration among teachers, researchers and students also on the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies, thus establishing a profitable exchange of best practices in Science education and teacher training
  • promote technical-scientific culture in schools
  • encourage a better use of scientific laboratories and multimedia tools
  • raise a widespread awareness of the importance of Science and Technology for everyday life citizenship and for society development
  • trigger processes of integration, dissemination and transfer of proposals, models and results between TEST partners


  • 3 years (September 2015-June 2018)