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Ultima modifica: 20 maggio 2023

Performance musicale di M.V. Ciampi e P. Gianfaldoni

Il video ha ricevuto il commento lusinghiero del compositore H. Beeftink

Questa è la risposta ed il commento lusinghiero ricevuto il 16 maggio dal compositore via email dopo avere visto il video degli alunni Maria Vittoria Ciampi e Pietro Gianfaldoni della 2Bs della nostra scuola che si sono esibiti durante il saggio di flauto il 15/5/23 presso la Domus Mazziniana.

Dear Maria and Pietro,

I was delighted to receive the video of your “Spring” performance, thank you so much!
You both sounded wonderful together, I’m very impressed. I can tell that you worked hard on this performance, you stayed together so beautifully throughout all the many emotional and rhythmic changes, showing spirit as well as great sensitivity. 
The fact that you both are 12 years old tells me that you will have a very promising future in music ahead of you, I’m very certain of it. I can sense the dedication and hear the great musicality in you both. 

Thank you again so much for sharing this performance with me and I hope you will give my best also to your wonderful teacher!

Best wishes,

Herman Beeftink 

Link al video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcaT-gkGFf8